Tank Fills

Visual inspections within the last 12 months and hydro tests within the last 5 years are required before we will fill your cylinder.  This includes high pressure cylinders used for paintball.  Statistically if a cylinder fails, it fails during the filling process, putting the fill-station attendant at the most risk.

Visual inspection, required annually, is your best insurance against corrosion, cracking and premature demise of your tank. A good visual will detect minor corrosion and correct it before it gets worse.
We inspect the outside for corrosion, dents, cuts and bulges. We will check the inside with a light for corrosion or contamination. We check the threads for cracking and galling.

Hydro tests, required every five years, include a visual inspection. Then the tank is pressurized with water, usually to five-thirds the service pressure. The amount the tank expands under pressure is measured, then the amount it contracts again when pressure is relieved is measured. These figures indicate whether metal fatigue has occurred.  We also rebuild the valve, replace the burst disc and the O-rings.